• 2017 Outdoor decor and fabric trends

    Pastime Present

    The pastime present trend is centered around the duality of work and play, and incorporates the influence of pastime pleasures into everyday aspects of the modern life. It features classic patterns such as the classic bar stripe, simple geometrics and mid-century modern inspired patterns. With these retro patterns, the color palate features traditional colors with a refreshed twist of saturated jewel tones, paired with optic whites.



    White Out

    White Out features shades of white, with varying texture that adds surface interest to the design and provides a modern feel. This look also mixes matte, shiny and transparent materials to create layers of intrigue. The result is sophisticated and chic, and also warming and welcoming.




    Awaken embraces the simple and unprocessed as a sophisticated element of design, and uses contrasting details in bright colors to highlight the natural, textured materials. Featuring rich textures in barely-there neutrals and dusty pastels, Awaken pairs these muted tones with intense neons.

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